The Maverick Paradox: The Secret Power Behind Successful Leaders
The Maverick Paradox
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Welcome To Maverick Mentoring on DemandJust in time support for the Maverick

For times when Maverick Assistance would benefit you in your short term decision making.

Effective Challenge

Effective Challenge

We will challenge your assumptions, perspective and boundaries to ensure that you are fully cogent of the challenges that you face.

Decision Determined

Decision Determined

After assessing the challenges, you can begin exploring the available options. We will assist you in determing the decision that you wish to make.

Sustainable Execution

Sustainable Execution

Finally, no decision is really made if you haven't decided how you are going to execute on your commitments. We help you explore those options.

When you might needOur Support

There are times when Mavericks have something specific that they want to achieve. It could be something that might need particular focus in the short, to mid term. Other things may need a strategic understanding, plan and undertaking to ensure that the tasks provide success and are executed properly.

Socialised Mavericks understand the mindset of the Maverick. They know whether the objective that they have is actually achievable. (Conformists tend to believe that the thing the Maverick is shooting for, is unobtainable. Too novel, too innovative, too impossible).

They also have no problems in challenging them – the very thing that Mavericks want and respect. Conformists tend to ‘tip toe’ around Mavericks, much to the annoyance of the Maverick.

This service is for times when you need:

  • A Sounding Board

    Even Mavericks need to bounce off someone from time to time: to test out new ideas, to assist in the decision making process, to be a devils advocate or provide challenge. Not everyone can do this for a Maverick.

  • Insight

    We enable you to discern the true nature of the situation. We provoke insight even in the most complex or perplexing circumstances. Helping you see things differently and ensuring your Maverick nature is an asset not a hindrance.

  • Discussion on options

    Sometimes there are many good options and it can be hard to choose which ones should be persued and expanded on. It helps to have a like minded person reason through the options with you.

  • A better approach to the challenge

    There are times when the answer seems so clear that you can ignore the other possibilities. With us you can ensure that your decision making process and ability to implement has the right degree of rigor.

When you need mentoring on demandThe process

When the status quo is no longer comfortable and you need to talk through a decision / challenge / opportunity, with someone who understands how you think, can offer possibilities and strategic reasoning - and the challenge that you deserve and demand.


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On Demand Mentoring

take a look atour on demand packages

The Mentoring On Demand service is available in 3 packages. All packages are available for one month at a time, (time is not rolled over), and is payable in advance.

4 hours
Mentoring over 2 sessions, booked in advance
This is for challenges that require action inbetween sessions
Homework set in advance
Mentoring on demand
Homework set inbetween sessions
Homework reviewed inbetween sessions
Action plan
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1 hour
Mentoring over 1 session, booked in advance
For those challenges that you seek clarity
Homework set in advance
Mentoring on demand
Homework set inbetween sessions
Homework reviewed inbetween sessions
Action plan
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Don't just take our word for it.Take a look at what is being said.

Telling a maverick what to do would probably get the opposite. So Jude doesn’t. Instead she listens, gently questions and honestly reflects what she hears and observes. On every occasion we’ve had a structured conversation I’ve made significant life changes. What more could you want from a mentor? – Tom Ball, Founder at DeskLodge

The real value in engaging with Judith was the depth and scope of what she had to say. Judith gave honest feedback, she identified the ‘Achilles heel’ together with an explanation behind her assertions. The money shot came in the form of solid advice that addressed the kernel of the issue and ideas to remedy the challenges posed. Highly recommended – David Thatcher, MD The Translation Desk Ltd

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