The Maverick Paradox: The Secret Power Behind Successful Leaders
The Maverick Paradox
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Welcome To Our SME & Freelancer ServicesWe have been developing Maverick Leaders Since 2005

There is now an urgent need for SMEs and freelancers to utilise Maverick strategies to stand out from the crowd, to sell their ideas and services to others. Doing the same thing as everyone else, will not make you successful or happy.

Who you ARE

Who you ARE

We help you define and demonstrate who you ARE from a strategic, marketing and passion filled place. We help businesses stand out because of who they are and what they do.

What you DO

What you DO

Defining and demonstrating what you DO in a way that engenders trust in your prospects can make a signicant difference to your business

Call YOUR tribe

Call YOUR tribe

Do you know WHO is aligned to you and wants to buy from you? Do they know WHO you are? Find out how to attract the right tribe for your business.

When you might needOur Support

We know that you are extremely good at what you do and what you offer is amazing. You know that you can achieve more, and somehow you are not. You seek clarity and a way for your customers to understand what it is that you sell. Your business has lost focus and for the first time ever:


We work with our clients to bring order out of chaos with the infusion of Maverick Energy and strategy. A fission of innovation, direction and execution will ensure that you make the difference you went into business to make.

This service is for times when you need:

  • To challenge your status quo

    If you are not happy with the way things are, we will help you make the change.

  • To bring order out of chaos

    When there is so much that you want to achieve, it can feel overwhelming or chaotic. We help you bring order from the chaos with a maverick twist of innovation and execution.

  • Certainty in an uncertain world

    Let's return to the original reason why you went into business and make sure that your purpose and objectives gets executed in an appropriate way.

  • A mentor

    To help you RECONNECT, RE-DISCOVER, RENEW and EXECUTE your strategy, passion, purpose and business objectives.









take a look atOur SME & Freelancer Services

Are for those that are serious about transforming their business and getting the results that they desire.


This programme is for when the maverick reaches that moment when they are unsure of the next step, the best way to utilise their amazing talents.

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Business Accelerator

For those that want to define their value proposition, build and leverage their repuatation and increase their revenue and attractiveness.

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M Mentoring on Demand

When a Maverick needs support the most effective person tends to be a Socialised Maverick who is equipped to challenge them; and understands their mindset.

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Don't just take our word for it.Take a look at what is being said.

I hired Jude within a week of meeting her … I just wish I’d met her 6 months before! After spending months pondering over what ‘Me Inc’ was, Jude had uncovered it in the first 20 minutes of our 3 hour call.

I now know exactly what I am and exactly what I offer. Thanks Jude … What a star you are! – Tracey Finlay, Founder, Business EQ Ltd

I have hired Judith several times to provide advice, coaching on core processes and business acceleration. You can trust a session with Judith to be professional prepared and executed and when you put in your bit, results are bound to come. Oh, and Judith dares to speak her mind as she is a great maverick (too) – Bjorn Guldager, CEO GR888 Holding

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