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Welcome To N-Code® ServicesFor when you need to know the basis for your success

For when you need to know the basis for your success

Discover your N-Code®

Discover your N-Code®

Discover your Behavioural DNA - what is the one thing that you do which is the basis of your personal success strategy?

Integrate your N-Code®

Integrate your N-Code®

After assessing the challenges, you can begin exploring the available options. We will assist you in determing the decision that you wish to make.



Learn how to utilise your N-Code® and make a difference in your personal and professional life. When you follow your N-Code® you will always be doing passion filled work.

When you might needOur Support

Knowing your N-Code®, your personal success strategy can be key to your success. Everyone has a Core Talent an N-Code® – the one thing that you do all the time that enables you to be successful. The problem that most people have is that they are unaware of what that one thing is or how to activate it.

Most people have heard of the conscious competence model (originated by Gordon Training International). This model describes how people learn and is often described with the analogy of learning to drive:

  •  non-driver = unconscious incompetence (is unaware of how to drive)
  •  beginner = conscious incompetence (is aware that they are unable to drive)
  •  just past driving test = conscious competence (they can drive but is aware of how they do that)
  •  driver who gets to work without remembering the drive = unconscious competence (they can drive but are unaware of the mechanics of driving)


N-Code® is really reflective competence (David Baume), being aware of your own unconscious competence. This really means being aware of the things that you do well without thinking. It is also the thing that you do when you are in the zone. This knowledge is the foundation of your personal success strategy. You can apply this strategy within your personal or professional life.

Judith Germain’s N-Code® is Seeing Truth this means that she has hyper insight into people and issues. She uses her personal success strategy to quickly analyse complex problems quickly and translate them so that others can understand their root cause and resolve the issues. This often exceeds her clients’ expectations.


Judith knows her stuff and she can communicate things with a clarity and freshness that’s pretty much second to none. Taken together with her warm and empathetic approach I don’t have any hesitation in recommending her to you unreservedly – William Buist, CEO, Abelard Management Services Ltd.


Many professionals and business owners want to find their core talent and their personal strategy for success. They then want to learn how to leverage that knowledge. This enables them to understand how to add value to their clients (internal or external) and to become more successful in their endeavours. Accessing their personal success strategy enables them to become better leaders and can enhance their emotional awareness and their interpersonal skills . Knowing your Core Talent – what is called your N-Code® is the key to this.

This service is for times when you need to:

  • Discover what makes you successful.

    Everyone has a personal success strategy - the thing that they do, each time they are successful. The tragedy is that they don't know what it is so cannot activate it when they need to.

  • Integrate your N-Code® into who you are and what you do.

    Once you have integrated your N-Code® you will have the ability to know and utilise the very things that bring you energy and fires up your passion.

When you need to discover your N-Code®The process

When the status quo is no longer comfortable and you really need to know what it is that drives your personal success and how you can activate it whenever you need to.







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The N-Code® service is available in 3 packages. All packages are payable in advance.

Don't just take our word for it.Take a look at what is being said.

I asked Judith to help me with some coaching, so that I could become clearer directed and better focused in my business. She was quick, and perceptive, helping me some habitual techniques were limiting my effectiveness. She gave me simple and useful strategies that made a significant difference.

Then things really stepped off the beaten track. Through a deceptively simple series of steps, Judith guided me on a process of self-discovery so that I identified something she referred to as my N-Code®. This is a short phrase that completely describes what I fundamentally do when I express my greatness. This phrase expresses me at my most productive, my most effective, my most authentic, my most successful.

What a tool!

If I find myself somewhat adrift on a project, or am struggling to see a clear way ahead, recalling my N-Code® and its elements quickly helps to restore clarity of purpose to my endeavours, so I act more productively and happily.

Thank you Judith. It was a pleasure to work with you. Sure, it was challenging – work like this is bound to be. But you were kind and clear … and persistent, so that I could not hide behind platitudes.

My recommendation? Take time with Judith if you want your work to become a natural and comfortable expression of your own authenticity, and want more clarity, success and peace in your daily endeavours – Christopher Head, Director, Irenicon Ltd 

Judith very skilfully combined escorting me towards discovering my N-Code® with helping me see the way that I work through others’ eyes. This gave me a much clearer vision of my personal value add and the pitfalls that I must avoid, which have stood me in good stead in daily life. Judith showed the strength to provide effective feedback to a maverick senior manager – I was impressed and remain very grateful – Tom Heinersdorff, Director, Business Guidance Ltd

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