The Maverick Paradox: The Secret Power Behind Successful Leaders
The Maverick Paradox
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Welcome To The Personal Success Strategy Services

For times when you want the best out of your employee's (or your own) maverick nature

Diagnose the situation

Diagnose the situation

When you decide that you have had enough and it's time to adjust your trajectory.

We assess what needs to change

We assess what needs to change

Depending on the programme, the assessment can take many forms. You make an informed decision on what happens next.

Make the change

Make the change

It's time to be WHO you want to be, to be WHERE you want to be, at the TIME you want it to happen.

When you might needOur Support

Career Management

Enlightened individuals realise that in these times it is a real struggle to stand out from the masses to secure or maintain a job. They need to engage with the career management of their working lives; as companies no longer take the responsibility for doing  that. Prior to the financial crises, the old maxim was to hire someone who was a 75% fit for the company. The remaining 25% allowed the individual to develop into the role. Companies understood that they needed to train a new employee and that the employee probably had a steep learning curve.

This is no longer true.

Companies are now hiring employees who are a 100% fit. This is damaging to the company and the individual. This decision means there is no growth available for the successful candidate – which means that they will soon become dissatisfied and begin to underperform. The company soon has apathetic employees and unsuccessful candidates despair that they will ever find the role that they are looking for.

Mavericks may find themselves unable to fit into the organisation and risk losing their job or being overlooked for promotion.

We help individuals who wish to manage their career. This might be a CV review, interview practice, enabling them to make a career move from one role to another (eg retail manager to HR). We also specialise in helping individuals stand out from the crowd and craft their own ‘branded’ identity.

For those that are interested in identifying and exploiting their core talent then our N-Code® – Personal Success Strategy programme may be of interest.

Please note that our services are solution based. This means we assess with you, your needs and the ultimate solution provided may be delivered via consultancy, 121 mentoring, public course or a combination of these or other items not previously mentioned.

If you are looking for a particular intervention that you don’t see here, please contact us.

This is why managing mavericks can be alternatively frustrating and rewarding. They are complex individuals which have the ability to provoke amazing performance in themselves and others or create a toxic environment that few can survive.

We are approached at times by the maverick themselves. This is usually because they are fed up with not getting the rewards they deserve, because they are yet to understand how to harness their own talent. Alternatively they are compelled to seek change because their job is on the line.

Fortunately we have knowledge of the maverick mindset, their capabilities, the strategies that they use to be successful and how their utilise power to their best effect. When we work with you, we distil this knowledge so that increased performance and reduced toxicity becomes a given. Regardless o whether we are working with the manager, the employee or both. It is a fun, challenging and rewarding experience for all involved.

This service is for times when you need:

  • Career Acceleration

    Learn (1) how to have a winning professional proposition, (2) a 'standout' CV or (3) ace the interview

  • To decide what you want to do and how to achieve it

    It can be easy to be caught in a rut when you are busy doing the 9-5. Let us help you unravel what you need to do and make a difference in your working life.

  • Your N-Code® (1) Personal Success Strategy – Discovering your core talent (2) Integration and personal branding

    When you want to accelerate, there are a couple of things that you can do. (1) Discover your core talent (2) Or improve your personal branding

  • To know how to be more influential

    One of the reasons why you may not be as successful as you wish is because you aren't as influential as you need to be. Let us help you become more influential.

When you need to improve your personal success strategyThe process

When the status quo is no longer comfortable and you need to change your life by doing something else, it's time to improve your personal success strategy


Diagnose the situation




Make the change

take a look atour Personal Success Strategy Services

Our Personal Success Strategy services are used by those that wish to discover what it is that makes them successful and how to utilise this knowledge to their best effect. For those that work for other people it might mean knowledge on how to take that first leap onto the management ladder or how to move into more senior or specialist roles.

With over 20 years senior HR experience we know what your company expects of you, for you to get ahead.

Knowledge of WHO you really are, and HOW you work with that knowledge to bring success, is useful for employees, freelancers and business owners alike. The knowledge can be truly LIFE CHANGING.

Business Owers and freelancers may use the knowledge of their N-Code® to discover ‘Inspired Communication’ or a way to uniquely incorporate it into their personal branding.

Discovering your N-Code®

Your N-Code® is your Behavioural DNA, find out more about this startling observation.

How we can help

Here are some of the programmes (consulting or training) that we deliver. Remember, we are a maverick organisation that prefers to bespoke solutions to the client’s needs. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please ask for something – just for you.

  • Career Acceleration – having a winning professional proposition
  • Maverick DRIVEN Leadership – how to utilise this yourself (for self-funding individuals)
  • How to be more influential
  • N-Code® services

Don't just take our word for it.Take a look at what is being said.

I asked Judith to help me with some coaching, so that I could become clearer directed and better focused in my business. She was quick, and perceptive, helping me some habitual techniques were limiting my effectiveness. She gave me simple and useful strategies that made a significant difference.

Then things really stepped off the beaten track. Through a deceptively simple series of steps, Judith guided me on a process of self-discovery so that I identified something she referred to as my N-Code®. This is a short phrase that completely describes what I fundamentally do when I express my greatness. This phrase expresses me at my most productive, my most effective, my most authentic, my most successful.

What a tool!

If I find myself somewhat adrift on a project, or am struggling to see a clear way ahead, recalling my N-Code® and its elements quickly helps to restore clarity of purpose to my endeavours, so I act more productively and happily.

Thank you Judith. It was a pleasure to work with you. Sure, it was challenging – work like this is bound to be. But you were kind and clear … and persistent, so that I could not hide behind platitudes.

My recommendation? Take time with Judith if you want your work to become a natural and comfortable expression of your own authenticity, and want more clarity, success and peace in your daily endeavours – Christopher Head, Director, Irenicon Ltd 

Judith very skilfully combined escorting me towards discovering my N-Code® with helping me see the way that I work through others’ eyes. This gave me a much clearer vision of my personal value add and the pitfalls that I must avoid, which have stood me in good stead in daily life. Judith showed the strength to provide effective feedback to a maverick senior manager – I was impressed and remain very grateful – Tom Heinersdorff, Director, Business Guidance Ltd

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