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Welcome To Our Change Consultancy ServicesStrategise | Innovate | Execute

A maverick perspective is often the catalyst you need for sustainable change.



Ensure that you have the right strategy for change, and the ability to translate that strategy into actionable steps.



Often there is a need for innovation within the change agenda. A different perspective can bring the necessary creativity to your project.



A common reason for a change project failing, is the inability to execute well or of the lack of the right strategy that will lead to successful execution.

When you might needOur Support

Here at the Maverick Paradox we know two things for sure. Organisations need Maverick DRIVEN™ Leaders and the organisation will continually need to change both internally and externally. This creates both an opportunity for the organisation to grow and a crisis if not handled correctly.

Constant change requires good leadership and sustainable change needs leaders that can clearly understand not only the dynamics of change but how people react to them. These leaders discern what is required to make change sustainable and effective, the strategy that is necessary for implementation, innovation (large or small) in the process/concept and how to interact with others to ensure that the right change happens.

We work with organisations that recognise the need to change, but want assistance to make it happen.

This service is for times when you need to:

  • Strategise

    Utilise and develop your maverick skills. Understand how to harmonise your passion, work, and maverick nature to get the results that you want.

  • Innovate

    Have a professional sounding board for new ideas and concepts. Innovate and leave behind the comfort zone. Prepare to be challenged. Build the right reputation.

  • Execute

    Have clarity around your business strategy and discover your business and brand propositions. It's time to focus on what really matters. Make a difference.

When your organisation is going through changeThe process

You only have one chance to make it work or your employees will never forgive you. Bad change initiatives live on in organisation memory, avoid the loss of productivity and trust







Our Change servicesTake a look at

Maverick Change Leadership

The Maverick Paradox

When an organisation is going through change you need the right leadership to ensure that it is successfully implemented with the right outcomes for all the stakeholders. Whether that is wholescale transitions, culture change or enabling high performance teams to become effective quickly.

We have a number of programmes that enable organisations to be change ready, change resilient, and effective change leaders.

Maverick Change Maker

In partnership with The Change Maker Group

Judith Germain is the Maverick Change Maker, her proclivity is to concurrently see (and solve) a problem from a number of Change Maker perspectives. She works with the Change Maker Group on certain change projects.

The Change Maker Group helps organisations and communities create their own Change Makers by unlocking their hidden change-making potential, enabling people to be the best they can be.

Don't just take our word for it.Take a look at what is being said.

Judith and I worked together in an organisation undergoing significant change. One of the key elements of the change was transforming HR from a passive support function to an active ingredient of operational success. Cultural inertia was high, and HR resource limited.

Judith was able to transform the team into a proactive, business aware unit that focused on HR as an operational and commercial enabler. I would work with her again tomorrow – Iain Chalmers, Operations Director, Serco 

Jude worked with us to design and deliver a comprehensive performance management programme as a work stream of one of our culture change programmes. She was excellent at delivering the training, connecting with the employees and sensitive enough to their needs to change approach and/or content at short notice if the situation required it.

We would be happy to use Jude again for a similar programme – Jo Geraghty, Director, Culture Consultancy

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