The Maverick Paradox: The Secret Power Behind Successful Leaders
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Maverick FAQsSome of your answers are here

This section will not answer all your questions on Mavericks. However, our sister site just might! There we concentrate on helping you understand the complex personality of the maverick. You learn about the behavioural traits of the maverick, the mindset and the strategies that they employ. It is certainly worth a browse.

Here at the we spend time looking at the Maverick in the workplace. It’s a new site and the knowledge base will grow. Head over to the when you are ready to learn more about Mavericks, and return here when you want to examine Maverick DRIVEN Leadership™ and how we can assist you.

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Below are three short videos that will answer some of your questions.

These videos are:

  1. What is a Maverick?
  2. What are Maverick Attributes?
  3. What is a Socialised Maverick?

Here are some commonly asked questions regarding Mavericks at work or Maverick DRIVEN Leadership™.

What is a Maverick?

A Maverick is a ‘wilfully independent person’. This definition was coined by Judith Germain in 2005.

What is Maverick DRIVEN Leadership and why would I want it?

Maverick DRIVEN Leadership creates passion filled individuals that engender resilient Maverick Leaders, who work with purpose and meaning, for just causes and greater futures. With Maverick DRIVEN™ Leadership Methodology at the core of your management / leadership, you will have a way of working and thinking that leads to successful outcomes and motivated and engaged employees.

Why should an organisation encourage Maverick behaviour?

Socialised Mavericks are wilfully independent people and are very principled. They are dedicated to ensuring that the organisation’s objectives are met with the willing engagement of the employees.
Positive maverick behaviour in the workplace ensures that the status quo is challenged effectively and that innovation occurs.

How can I improve the performance of my leadership team?

We do not believe that one size fits all, after all we do not have a product looking for a problem to solve! When you contact us we will help you solve the think that irks you the most – and then design the right solution for you.

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