The Maverick Paradox: The Secret Power Behind Successful Leaders
The Maverick Paradox
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Welcome To The Maverick Paradox BooksThe blueprint for successful leaders

When leadership becomes a byword for control, and trust is outdated - how should YOU respond?

The Maverick Paradox: The Secret Power Behind Successful Leaders

How successful leaders think

How successful leaders think

In Part 1 we learn about the Maverick Paradox and the Maverick Mindset.

The competencies of successful leaders

The competencies of successful leaders

In Part 2 we look at the Maverick KEYSTONE™ Capabilities.

The use of power by successful leaders

The use of power by successful leaders

In Part 3 we look at how you can harness maverick power and Maverick Leaders.

'Believe nothing, test everything'Judith Germain

All successful leaders have a secret power – where’s yours?

When leadership becomes a byword for control, and trust is outdated – how should YOU respond?

‘Believe nothing, test everything’

This is the war cry of the maverick. This scream, an essential cornerstone of the maverick mindset. Sir Richard Branson and President Trump are both mavericks. Which temperament do you favour?

Leadership and maverick expert Judith Germain provides the blueprint to becoming a successful leader.

  •  Discover the 5 maverick attributes all ‘natural leaders’ possess
  •  Master the 8 maverick capabilities that all successful leaders demonstrate
  •  Extend your influence by utilising the 3 key power bases
  •  Become a transformational leader by deploying the Maverick DRIVEN™ Leadership Methodology

From the back cover of

The Maverick Paradox: The Secret Power Behind Successful Leaders – Judith Germain

It's a great book, don't just take our word for it.Take a look at what is being said.

We have never needed this more.

At a time when old models of leadership and management are showing how toxic they are and when the world needs creative workable solutions to problems, everyone involved in any kind of organisation or campaign needs to read this book.

The old paradigms and thinking are leading us into serious trouble corporately, environmentally, politically and globally. We need more Mavericks to test out thinking, help create new options and create a better future. But despite this, most organisations have no idea how to use Mavericks and often throw them out and return to the old problems and the old ‘solutions’ that never really work.

Brilliant book. Brilliant concept. If you think you might be a Maverick, or be the boss of a Maverick. This is the book for you – A Kaye

Unlike anything I’ve read on leadership (a well covered subject)

Have a read of this to develop a new appreciation for interpersonal motivation and maybe even get insight into the inexplicable behaviour of the maverick leaders in your business – J P Kennard

A fantastic and well written book.

Judith has written a great book that all leaders should read. It has well-structured arguments, case studies and invaluable insights that are compelling and unique. This is a MUST READ book – Vasco Botelho

Where can you buy the book?Amazon - is the best place!

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