The Maverick Paradox: The Secret Power Behind Successful Leaders
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Welcome to The Maverick ParadoxDeveloping Maverick Leaders since 2005

Maverick DRIVEN Leadership™ is a dynamic paradigm shift in the leadership sphere. Maverick Leaders utilise the DRIVEN™ behaviours that drive success in the workplace.

Maverick DRIVEN Leadership™

You decide

You decide

Every organisation requires assistance in a unique way. You decide what you want, and we will advise you on the best way to achieve it.

A unique design

A unique design

We design from the ground up, never knowingly duplicated. The solution is unique, because you are.

We deliver

We deliver

By providing maverick solutions that inspire successful leadership. / The Maverick Paradox

We are an organisation that is fed up with Change done poorly and ineffective leadership practices and behaviour. Create Maverick Leaders throughout your organisation. Decide to make a difference.

  • We enable Maverick DRIVEN Leadership™

    so that leadership ability can be significantly improved. This methodology is incredibly effective as it provides the foundation for developing Maverick Leaders within the organisation.

  • We develop Maverick Leaders throughout your workforce

    By concentrating on WHO you are and WHAT you do you can make a substantiantial difference. Maverick Leaders do what is right and ensure that they deliver on their commitments.

  • We provide the best tools in your toolbox

    by diagnosing your situation and equipping you for success today and in the future. We improve your strategic thinking and ability to execute your plans more effectively.

Are you a Maverick Leader?









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We are passionate about assisting individuals and organisations to become successful leaders. We will work with you to ensure that we create the right solution for the things you face.

Maverick Solutions

Leadership Development

We enhance employees' leadership abilities and develop Leadership teams into Maverick Leaders capable of strategic thinking and DRIVEN™ collaborative execution.

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Maverick Mentoring

Harnessing your maverick nature or the maverick nature of others can be difficult. Let us show you the most effective way to get the success and influence that you deserve.

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Executive Laser Coaching

There are times when coaching is the best solution to develop someone or embed prior learning. Our laser methodology is fast, & insightful, thus enabling timely execution.

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Change Consultancy

Influencing and implementing change is an important facet of leadership. We understand the issues that you face and are able to assist you in implementing the solution.

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SME and Freelancers

To sell you need a solid niche and an ability to call a tribe. We help you develop a business that makes your heart sings and brings you the success you deserve.

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Personal Success Strategy

We understand that it is a struggle to stand out from the masses to transition, secure or maintain a job. The difference between dreaming and getting what you want - is us.

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Meet Judith Germain

Judith works with organisations that need a maverick approach because what they have, isn’t working. She is increasingly being asked to provide, train or consult on Maverick Leadership because the company’s current leadership cadre or philosophy is no longer working. They want someone who can accurately diagnose the situation and design something that not only solves the current issues but provides a degree of future proofing.

Judith Germain

Judith Germain

Principle 7757 898 353

Judith Germain

Judith Germain - Maverick Leadership

Judith presents a new leadership paradigm, which challenges what you thought you knew about leadership. Her Maverick DRIVEN Leadership™ methodology enables organisations to radically improve their leadership performance Eg, a client requested that their leadership was taught strategic thinking, in one day! The end result was that the organisation was able to solve 7 month old problems that had been previously deemed ‘impossible to solve’.  

She is a Fellow of the CIPD, and MBA (PgDip) graduate. For over 20 years, she has worked with thousands of leaders, across multiple industries to nurture, develop, and inspire them to become successful leaders that can be trusted.

Don't just take our word for it.Take a look at what our clients and industry experts are saying.

Since 2005, Judith Germain has been defining Mavericks as ‘wilfully independent’ people and have been designing and implementing solutions that solve the most persistent problems that individuals, business owners or companies face.

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